Spray booth

  • High Quality Spray Booth Oil Heating Oven
High Quality Spray Booth Oil Heating Oven

High Quality Spray Booth Oil Heating Oven

  • heating type diesel
  • color optional
  • Product description:


Outside size


Inside size


Frond door


Wall Pane

EPS colorful steel skin panel, 75mm thick; steel plate thickness 0.476mm; tongue&groove style, anti-flame and heat-insulation


Galvanized steel sheet and square steel pipe assembling, 5 rows of grid plates made by flat bar and round steel; 2 rows of ramps.

Intake Fans:

Two sets of 4kw fan for intake air, air capacity 25000mm3/h

Exhaust Fans:

One set of 7.5kw fan for exhausting air, air capacity 15000mm3/h

Purification system

Pre-filter, VF600 high efficiency filter(ceiling filter),floor filter(fiberglass filter).

Heating System     (diesel burner or infrared heating for optional)

Italy Riello G20 Diesel Burner, 200000Kcal/h.

Stainless steel heat exchanger ,argon arc welding.pneumatic -damper for changing spraying and baking.

Infrared heating system, 3-tubes/unit,  totally 8 hating units, 24kw.

Lighting System  

For Diesel Burner heating system: Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×36W.

Side Lights: 6Units×4Pcs=24Pcs×30W  

For Infrared heating system:Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×36W.

Controlling system

Power switch,spray/baking switch,light switch,emergency stop,etc.

Total power

17kw (380v 3ph)


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