Auto body repair frame

  • Auto body repair frame S-550
Auto body repair frame S-550

Auto body repair frame S-550

  • model S-550
  • second lifting jack (optional)
  • electric control box(optional)
  • Product description:


-Unliateral lifting automatic lifting

-Ring-platform ensures on operation of 360 degree turret -column

-pull rod type lifting wto times

-12mm of high-strength chain, provides the forceful guarantee for 10ton hydraulic thrust

-with wide-range applications, fixtures make it more convenient for location and clamping


Platform length: 5200mm/5600mm

platform width: 2200mm

height: 560mm

Air supply required: 0.8Mpa

Hydraulic power: 70Mpa

Power pulling capacity: 100KN

Padius of pulling: 360 degree

maximum load: 3500kg

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