Spray booth

  • Spray booth Diesel Heating B300
Spray booth Diesel Heating B300

Spray booth Diesel Heating B300


Booth Outside: 7000*5350*3300mm

Booth Inside:6900*3900*2600mm
Dimension of Entrance Door:2500*3000mm
Personnel Door:650*1900mm
Working temperature≤80 degree
Rate of temperature increase:3-5min(20-60 degree)
Power consumption≤ 24kw/h
Walls & Ceiling:
EPS   antiflaming   Panels 50 mm thick, with foam in the middle and color steel on both sides
Inlet Fan: YDW 4kw*2 air capacity 24000m³/h
Exhaust Fan: YDW 7.5kw
Heating system:
Italy G20 Diesel Burner-max baking temperature is 80 degree
Light system:
Ceiling lights: 8units*3 pieces=24pieces *16w
side lights: 6units*2pieces=12pieces*16w
Air filter efficiency: >98%
Total power: 17kw
Voltage: 380v/220v   3phase  50hz/60hz

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