Tire repair machine

  • car tire changer 24‘’
car tire changer 24‘’

car tire changer 24‘’

  • model 508A
  • color red blue
  • Product description:

*The enlarged 24'' turntable is suitable for mounting/demounting larger and wider tire.

*Left help arm system makes the wider tires mounting/demounting operation much swift and labor saving.

*Scientific and stable design to make sure the wheels and tires free of damage during operation.


Technical date:

power supply: 110/220/380v

motor power: 0.8/1.1kw

outside clamping: 11-21''/279-533mm

inside clamping: 13-24''/ 330-610mm

max. wheel diameter: 40''/ 1000mm

max. wheel width: 12''/300mm

bead-breaker force: 2500kgf

operating pressure: 8-10bar

noice: no more than 70DB

weight: 230/250kg

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